Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hey Grown Up!!

hey² wake up! it's your bufday!! thanks for those who wish me happy bufday. nothing will bring cheer then to see a list of wishers from friends. that's mean they remember me! even there is no bufday cake or present but simple wishers can make me smile.

yup i am getting old, getting mature (hope not!), getting
experienced, getting tough (truth :p), getting smart and what in da world you wanna say but i'm still me! nothing changes even though the size of bacteria. people will recognize me "woi syazwan, dari dlu sampai skang x brubah" that is what i heard. other friends all changed a lot but i'm not haha.

25 is just the number. nothing special on it. even
proton also launching new products Proton Saga facelift and Exora facelift 25th Anniversary Edition. dem! i wanna get married!! (haha ade kene mengena ka?) and these days people also celebrate Hari Raya Aidiladha or some say Hari Raya Haji/Korban. hope everything is going fine. oi nk duit raye haha.

ok² suda mlm (pagi la oi) ngantuk suda.
no matter what, tomorrow i want to eat rendang yg lazat!! haha sile jeles~ on this special day i just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!! yeahh~

p/s: yup² i'm still waiting for that wishers. but still not appear in any means necessary. why? am i doing wrong or there is no credit on ur phone or you don't know how to use facebook.